Jarzynka 1000g

Jarzynka 1000g
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Jarzynka spice is a universal spice for many dishes. It was based on dried vegetables and herbs and turmeric. Perfectly emphasizes the taste of dishes and gives them a pleasant vegetable aroma. Jarzynka does not contain any unnecessary chemical additives, yeast or flavor amplifiers. & Nbsp; <strong> Composition: </strong> Salt, sugar, parsnip, carrots, corn, onion, leek, lubble, parsley, turmeric, turmeric - natural dye & nbsp; < Strong> use </strong> vegetable is added to soups, sauces, stews, salads and other dishes, which gives them a pleasant vegetable aroma and emphasizes the taste of prepared dishes. .

  • Dietary and organic foods
  • veggie spice
  • diet food
  • healthy food

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36-200 Brzozów - Poland