Jerrycan 5L - T05 stackable

Industrial and Food packaging


Using only modern innovations and high-tech equipment, it is possible to achieve manufacturing of the highest quality products. Kharkov Himprom Ltd, the leader in the polymer packaging field, keeps up with changes over time by developing its facilities with new modern equipment. Together with European experts, we have developed a completely new line of 5, 10 and 20 liters stackable canisters that allows our customers to ensure the safety of the substance being packed, as well as keeps the environment secure during the storage and transportation of the cans. The main advantages of the new canisters range - Unique design; - Absolute impermeability; - Tampering control; - Chemical inertness; - Mechanical resistance; - Temperature resistance; - Increased resistance to warpage, cracking and fracture; - Comfortable stacking; - Environmentally friendly packaging; - UN Certification and Compliance with the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Standards. The unique design of the cans...

Product features

Usage Packaging for transportation and storage of hazardous substances, food & beverages, industrial chemi
Capacity (L) 5,0
Color White, Natural, other colors on request
Neck Finish (mm) Ø 38,8
Closure (mm) DIN 46
Induction Heat Seal -/+
Tamper Evident Closure +
View stripe -/+
Height (mm) 254,0
Length (mm) 190,0
Width (mm) 159,0
the size of the label 145*118
UN-certification On request
Material HDPE

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