Jet Pulse Pleated Bag Filter

Industrial Ventilation Devices


ECONOMIC Bomaksan branded PLTF Jet-Pulse Pleated Bag Filter units are more economical than traditional Bag Filter units as they provide the same filtration area in smaller filter cabinets. AUTOMATIC CLEANING Thanks to the highly efficient automatic cleaning system designed by Bomaksan within the scope of the R&D Project, while the consumption of compressed air decreases, the filter life increases. FLEXIBILITY Bomaksan branded PLTF Jet-Pulse Pleated Bag Filter units can be arranged by our engineer staff, if requested, in accordance with the layout plan of your factory. STURDY AND SEALING Cabinet side and top covers, reinforcement profiles, chassis and carrier legs are all manufactured in suitable sheet thicknesses by combining bolts and nuts to ensure their sealing SUPERIOR FILTRATION Bomaksan brand PLTF Jet-Pulse Pleated Bag Filter units provide much superior filtration compared to traditional Bag Filter units thanks to their innovative pleated bag filters.

Filters, liquid
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  • Jet Pulse
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