Jo 18 Soothing Cream

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Jo 18® fluid soothing cream for sensitive and hyperreactive is the treatmentemollient moisturizer ideal in subjects responsive to common creams in fact, thanks to its formula without perfumes and parabens and to innovative delivery system BOV® to keep the product from external contaminants, is able to reduce to a minimum the risk of allergic reactions. HOW TO USE Tilt the bottle and press the cap to dispense the product and apply on face and / or body. In the case of very sensitive skins, apply a thin layer on the affected part of the emulsion without massaging. DOSAGE SINGLE APPLICATION The volume of ½ walnut (approximately 7 ml) corresponds to the treatment of a lower limb of a child. The volume of 1 walnut (approximately 14 ml) corresponds to the treatment of a lower limb of an adult. The product can be used several times a day as needed. INGREDIENTS Jojoba oil and 18beta glycirretic acid.

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