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Jover - 29-fsn

Grommet & Eyelets


Punches and set eyelets with washers in only one operation, in all types of material. It can be manufactured for setting eyelets from 6mm to 17mm internal diameter hole (only one measure per machine). According to the work developed, washer setting can be cancelled so the machine only sets eyelets. This machine is especially designed for textile and awning industry and also for graphic arts. Led lighting inside the machine to light the working area. Great raceway capacity. Laser pointer installed on the machine as standard. Sensors as standard on both eyelet and washer raceways. Detects lack of eyelets/washers. Touch screen to control all machine functions, alarm warning or grease needs.

Punching machine tools
  • Electric Jover
  • Jover Washers
  • Eyelets Jover

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