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Judicial - Judicial


Stamp duty, it determines judicial jurisdiction and details of judicial district at debtor’s address, prepares register for duty payment, requests and distinguishes extracts from Russian State Register, generates and submits statement on court order / claim commencement to the court online using EDS (Electronic Digital Signature). Thereafter, it monitors judicial procedure and receives statuses, which it displays on the platform with maintaining history, after that it transfers the debtor to the enforcement proceedings unit for submission to the Federal Bailiff Service, Federal Tax Service and banks.

Product information

Automated generation of court order, duty payment form
Court order submission to the court via EDS
Automated generation of judicial decision and appellate ruling
Automated monitoring of the status of judgment delivered
Automation of the judgement delivered receiving and its sending to the debtor
Operation speed: 45 times faster than the competitors
Complete processes automation
Debt reduction due to the process automation by 34%
Application of artificial intellect, neuron network and for power dialing and paperwork
Simplified operation process
Reporting automated system
Debt automated estimation
Penalty automated calculation
Operation with all types of indebtness