Juice extractor and plastic fruit basket top quality (food PVC). The juice extractor is placed on the top of the sterilizer. Benefits: * the plastic fruit shopping cart (food PVC top quality), * with pipe * is appropriate for all the containers of 35 cm diameter The lid is not provides (is used with the lid of your sterilizer Weck habiutuel). Color black and white. The extraction of the vegetable juices, Just like the fruit juices, the juices of vegetables contain nutritive elements, invaluable vitamins and rock salt and exert consequently a salutary action. The vegetable juices can be drunk, but they are also appropriate very well to season and enrich soups and sauces. Each new year gives the opportunity to many households to constitute healthy and natural juice reserves. And it is much easier to make than it is believed! Just like for the marmalade, the operation proceeds in two stages: firstly, to extract the juice; secondly, to preserve the juice. If you use ripe and sweetened

Product features

Width 32 cm
Weight 3 kg
Diameter 32 cm
Color Blanc

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