K2 AKRA - trusted by millions of worldwide end-users engine cleaner for cleaning engines and heavily soiled car parts. This product is dedicated to remove heavy sludge, streaks from the operating fluids, dried dirt and volatile rust. Perfectly cleans engine and other vehicle components but also tools, industrial equipment and surfaces. Specially designed formulation of active nanoparticles together with corrosion inhibitors - crashing down soiling of oil, grease thus protecting cleaning process of engine compartment - ensures the very best cleaning result. K2 AKRA is safe on plastic, rubber, both painted and chromed parts. It does not contain any solvents or petroleum derivates. Biodegradable within 28 days. Engine wash: Ensure that the engine is cold. Secure the components of electric system. Sprinkle the soiled surfaces with K2 AKRA. Wait for 30-45 seconds.

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