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KASPAR SCHULZ – Brewing technology since 1677. KASPAR SCHULZ, the world's oldest brewery plant manufacturer, is now present in over 67 countries and is synonymous with innovative solutions and excellent product quality. It also supplies ready-to-use brewing systems (fully automated on request), fermentation and storage tanks, malting systems and distillation systems all over the world. The family business, now run in its tenth generation, upholds its philosophy of having in-house manufacturing and has committed itself to its site in Bamberg, a town in southwestern Germany, where all of the production steps are carried out – from the raw sheet metal to the finished vessel. Moreover, installation, repair and maintenance work is exclusively performed by our in-house employees. Whether for brewing, malting or distilling – with its "best of SCHULZ" promise, the innovative system supplier ensures the best results in the entire value chain, from the barley to the glass – and all from one source.

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Small businesses, for whom acquiring a stationary CIP system would break the bank and for whom the recycling of cleaning agents makes no economic sense, can now turn to SCHULZ for a more perfect solution: the CIP mobile — for a fully automated cleaning system.The mobile CIP system, together with the necessary chemicals, is connected on-site to the tank in need of cleaning, the mobile return pump, and to water and electricity for a safe and hygienic operation. The precise dosage is determined using three different detergents, which are applied according to the conductivity values. Water volume, flow rate and formation of any build-up are recorded by means of an IDM and flow sensors, and the various tank geometries are controlled accordingly. Energy consumption can be calculated and archived. A cleaning protocol is provided to comply with burden of proof regulations.


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The Gentle-boil system SchoKo 2.0 is installed where evaporation has always been the most effective—between the whirlpool and the wort cooler. This is similar to the conditions the so-called Kuehlschiff (Eng. Cooling tun) provided in the past, only here the process occurs within in an airtight system, free from exposure to oxygen. Brewers can look forward to a final product with a perfect foam head and exceptional flavor stability. The energy consumption comes out to less than 1 Liter of fuel oil per 100 Liters of wort (approximately 1 gallon of fuel oil per 26 gallons of wort). Because vacuum evaporation can now take place at 80°C (176°F), the re-heating of any reserve hot water can be eliminated. Thanks to the complete recovery of evaporation heat, the amount of hot water generated in the evaporation condenser is considerably reduced.


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Beer loss and oxygen intake are reduced to an absolute minimum, making the SCHULZ filtration system attractive even for small-scale brewers. A continuous dosage of filtering aids (cellulose and/or perlite) ensures that the permeability of the candle and flexibility with fluctuations in the filter inlet are maintained. Furthermore, the use of a downstream particle filter is rendered obsolete thanks to special depth filter cartridges. For operating batches of more than 10,000 hl, the service life of the filter can be increased, as is shown in the unit pictured here, by a separator and adjoining buffer tank. The modular design allows for a gradation of the filtration capacity in a 15 hl/l increment. • Kieselgur-free precoat filtration • Capacity of 15 hl/h/module • Built-in CO2 nozzle cuts down on oxygen intake • Flexibility with regard to different unfiltrate conditions • Dosage vessel can also function as CIP & sterilization tank for the filter • No downstream


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The SCHULZ malting system consists of an external steeping vessel and a germination-kilning combo drum with connected aeration technology. By using the most advanced technologies, SCHULZ offers an automatic and flexible malting system that can produce a variety of replicable high-quality malts and malt products. • The appropriate unit for every size company: 2; 5; 10 and 25 tons of barley per batch • Easy unit add-on option with additional germination-kilning combo drums when using existing components (steep, heating ventilation technology, glass tube heat exchanger, automation) • Flexible batch sizes of 25–100% overall capacity • Maximum level automation allows for reduction in labor/ labor costs • Allows for experimental processing of alternative grains for maximum product variety • Temperatures of up to 130 ° C in a closed system offer the opportunity to produce a wide range of malt varieties • Excellent hygienic conditions under the highest food production


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