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Fully Automatic Concrete Block and Paving Stone Making Machine


This machine is designed to produce inter locks , blocks. insulated blocks, curbstone it can produce 140-150 pallet per hour 25 interlocks pcs/1 press 10 blocks pcs / 1 press press time is 25-30 seconed it has two system: full automatic and semi automatic it can be use with stacking system or with out stacked pallet must be transport with forklift for machine with stacking system. machine works on the wooden pallet there are two types of mortar reading system. It is manual and automatic weighing system cement water and sand weighn and mortar are mixed all motions on the machine provided by hydraulic system movements on the system will be controlled by PLC automation system via sensors in automaticmachine, machine press number unit of productions , problems on the machine can be seen on the PLC touchscreen panel.