KC-51/52 hand-held air particle counter


The models KC-51/52 are handy air particle counters for clean room classification with 3 (KC-51) or 5 (KC-52) size channels from 0.3µm. Minimum detectable particle size: 0.3µm Sampling flow rate: 2.83L/min Complies to the ISO 21501-4 standard (JIS B 9921). 3.2-inch monochrome LCD panel Equipped with a USB terminal Optical system: Sideway light-scattering method Light source: Laser diode (Wavelength 780 nm, rated output 35 mW) Size range: 3 channels ≧0.3 μm, ≧0.5 μm, ≧5.0 μm Sampling flow rate: 2.83 L/min Maximum particle number concentration: 70 000 particles/L (coincidence loss within 5 %), 140 000 particles/L (coincidence loss within 10 %) Dimensions and weight: Approx. 304 (H) × 87 (W) × 55 (D) mm (without protruding parts), Approx. 780 g

Measurement - Equipment & Instruments
  • Air particle counters for clean room classification

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