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KEBAFIXX - Designed by engineers as an efficient pre-assembled fastening system


All around eciency is provided by the use of pre-assembled fastening systems; fewer part types, lessened assembly costs, and mimimized supplier base are just a few of the many reasons the trend is in pre-fabricated components. Depending on the application, manufacturers can use dierent materials and take advantage of detachable or permanent captive fastening systems. Features and benefits : -Assembly costs and times are reduced -Mimimized part diversity -High level of assembly reliability -Decreased efforts in assembly -Eliminate lost parts -High load capacity -Integrated tolerance compensation -Minimized supplier base for effectiveprocurement and decreased logistic costs -Removal of thread-cutting and self-tappingscrew combinations -Omission of incorrect product usageand assembly errors -Effortless disassembly and reassembly Advantages : -RELIABILITY OF ASSEMBLY -INTEGRATED TOLERANCE COMPENSATION -ALLOWANCE OF COMPACT DESIGNS - HIGH LOAD CAPACITY