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KEG® Cards (Keys to Emotional Growth) therapy cards include original artistic pictures and original guidelines and questions for effective usage of the cards. These cards are a structured projective therapy tool for eliciting emotional and relational responses. The cards may be used with individuals and groups, and may be implemented in therapy sessions, counseling sessions and social gatherings. They may be used by individuals for self-introspection and/or enhancing self-awareness.The cards have a picture on one side and guiding questions on the back side. There are some cards that continue the guiding questions so that these cards have guiding questions on both sides. There are also general guidelines for using the cards and guidelines for particular usages (such as PTSD, Anxiety, etc.).The cards also include some suggested exercises.The guideline questions were created by Dr. Eleanor Avinor PhD., MSc. in psychotherapy, and are based on CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy), Re-Decision Therapy, Gestault, NLP and guided imagery.The pictures enable the client to be in touch with his/her inner feelings and projections.The aim of the cards is to enable the client to identify early scripts and schemas in his/her life that are not effective today and to decide new decisions that will be more effective in the present. The client is enabled to create re-decisions, re-statements and new scripts that will improve his/her life.The cards work on and appeal

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