Hydraulic Industrial Shock Absorber


The COMPENSER® of the KL-series is an industrial shock absorber for light mechanical engineering, e.g. handling equipment, small storage and retrieval machines and small crane systems. Due to the low reset force of the compression spring, this buffer of the KL-series is well suited for operational push-in cycles at creep speed. Design & Function: The piston rod 2 pushes the piston 6 into the pressure chamber 7. At the same time, the damping medium flows through the metering grooves placed in the outer tube 8, via the piston 6 and into the volume balance chamber 5. The return spring 3 is tensioned and, after the impact has occurred, pushes the piston rod 2 back to the initial position. By this the damping medium flows back into the pressure chamber 7.

Cylinders, hydraulic
  • handling equipment
  • shock absorber
  • hydraulic shock absorbers

Product features

Installation position vertical, other mounting positions on request
Energy absorption up to 20 kNm
Mounting flange mounting optionally on front or rear side, foot mounting or screw mounting per lock nut
Temperaure -25 to +80° C
Surface housing galvanized (standard) or painted, piston rod hard chromium plated (standard)
Reset force low

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