KNX M-Bus Gateway (DIN rail housing)

Gateway between M-Bus and KNX for energy recording by M-Bus energy meters

975.00€ HT


The KNX M-Bus Gateway serves for communication between the EIB/KNX bus system and M-Bus capable meters. The gateway takes up the role of a M-Bus Master, i.e. it controls the communication. M-Bus energy meter data can be read either in cycles at certain intervals or on request by the EIB/KNX bus system. Different data formats can be set for each measured value, so that the consumption value can be sent to the EIB/KNX Bus as an integer, a temperature value as a floating point value, etc.. The KNX M-Bus Gateway also offers several diagnosis functions for M-Bus meters, such as automated search and identification of the connected M-Bus slaves. The answering data sent by the meter is presented in detail in clear text, so that the me-consuming procurement of M-Bus telegram description is dispensed with.

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