Biostimulant for climatic and water stress


KOVER increases the resistance of plants to the sudden lowering of temperature (frost), and to the excesses of summer heat that cause water loss and dehydration (summer evapotranspiration). This product is able to increase the concentration of specific elements that have a recognized anti-stress action on the inside of the plant, and it promotes the formation of a gas-permeable film (antiperspirant) that is able to reduce water loss through the leaves. In addition, KOVER also contains the polysaccharides that makes the plants able to survive in extreme dehydration conditions.

Fertilizers and soil conditioners
  • Plants & Fertilizers
  • antistress treatment
  • Foliar biostimulant

Product features

Aspect Dark Brown Liquid
Application Foliar and Fertigation
Packing 1L - 5L - 20L - 1000L

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