KS-42A / AF KS-42B / BF KS-42C KS-42D

particle counting systems for liquids


A highly reliable particle sensor that can measure 0.1µm particles. Measurements can be made using only small amounts of samples due to high counting efficiency. Minimum particle size of 0.1µm, sample flow rate of 10 mL/min Particle size range (5 channels, factory default setting) ≥ 0.1µm,≥ 0.15µm,≥ 0.2µm,≥ 0.3µm,≥ 0.5µm Leakage detector built-in. Outputs alarm when internal leak detected Channel size change possible within range of sensor(using KE-40B1) < Specification > Optical system: Light-scattering method Light source: Laser diode (wavelength 830 nm, rated output 200 mW) Laser product class: Class 1, IEC 60825-1 Materials of parts exposed to sample fluid: Synthetic quartz, PFA Allowable sample fluid types: Any liquid that does not corrode contacting materials Particle size range 5 channels (factory default setting) :≥ 0.1µm,≥ 0.15µm,≥ 0.2µm,≥ 0.3µm,≥ 0.5µm Arbitrary setting: Arbitrary setting from 1 channel to 10 channels. Setting is done by the controller

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