KTX 05 sacrificial coating


Features Water-based, milky, colourlessly drying, microcrystalline wax product. Coating durability: 7 years. Application For surface protection against graffiti. The coated surface is protected against spray paints, water-based markers, ink, atmospheric pollution, acid rain and moisture. Used for protection of absorbent and unabsorbent substrates, both smooth and porous, such as sand-lime bricks, ordinary bricks, plaster, concrete, sandstone, paint coatings, steel, aluminium, plastics, ceramics, wood , as well as sculptures, monuments and thermal insulating systems. Impact On application, KTX 05 accumulates on capillaries and pores’ walls as a separating layer, which makes the surface impermeable to water and hazardous substances and reduces adhesiveness of paints/pigments. KTX 05 is a hydrophobic preparation, has preservative properties as well as UV filters, thanks to which the colour of the protected surface remains unchanged. Documents Bio-degradability certificate from the...

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