KTX 30 Anti-graffiti Coating – a durable system


Unique transparency is the main quality of this anti-graffiti coating. Principal characteristics and qualities of KTX 30 coating: • a durable isomorphic system allows repetitive removal of graffiti; • single-component preparation – does not require component mixing, does not generate losses caused by the curing of coating that was not used in a specific time – easy application; • creates a thin (approx. 4 μm), transparent layer of anti-graffiti coating that is easy to wash out; • 1 coating layer ensures full protection; • quick drying – the coating becomes dry in 1 hour; • exceptionally high efficiency – up to 100 m²/L; • vapour permeable; • graffiti removal with chemical removers; • anti-adhesive, facilitates tape and poster removal; • UV-resistant, does not turn yellow; minimum 5-year durability; • chemical resistance; • anti-static properties; • finishing variants: • matt or gloss; • renews damaged, fogged or oxidised surfaces and restores their natural gloss; • application...

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