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KVM-TEC Gateway

Access to virtual machines


kvm-tec gateway - the perfect combination of a real- time KVM system and a flexible remote desktop system. The gateway has the function of a thinclient and in combination with MX Local Extender it is the ideal combination with virtual machines in the switching system. With kvm-tec Gateway the connection to virtual machines or remote PCs outside the Switching network is possible. A gateway can connect to virtual machines. 4 Login data can be stored and retrieved via hotkey. For so many users who want to work with virtual machines at the same time, one gateway is needed each. In addition to your real-time switching system, the kvm-tec gateway can be used to access the virtual machines. Easy installation - first connect the MX/UVX remote unit, then select the RDP protocol at the kvm-tec gateway, then enter the credentials and connect to the desired PC. RDP and VNC are used as standard.