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  • KYN28A-12 High Voltage Metal Clad Switchgear

KYN28A-12 High Voltage Metal Clad Switchgear

Metal Clad Removable Ac Power Enclosed Switchgear Cubicle High Voltage Switchgea


(1)Switchgear technical parameters: -Rated voltage:3、6、10 kv -Rated insulation level: *power-frequency withstand voltage (1min):42 KV *lightning impulse:75KV -Rated frequency:50HZ -Main busbar rated current:630、1250、1600、2000、2500、3150、4000A -4s thermostabilization current(effective value):16、20、25、31.5、40、50KA -Rated Dynamic stability current(peak value):40、50、63、80、100、125KA -IP:The outer shell is IP4X, The isolation room and breaker are IP2X (2)Vacuum Circuit-breaker Parameter: -Rated Voltage:10KV -Rated Frequency:50HZ -Rated Current :630-4000A -Rated short-circuit breaking current:15-50 KA -Rated short-circuit current:40~125KA -Rated thermostabilization current(valid values) :15~50KA -Rated thermostabilization current(peak value):40~125KA -Breaking times of Rated short-circuit breaking current 100 times -Rated Operating Sequence:off-0.3s-on off-180s-on/ off -power-frequency withstand voltage:42(lmin) KV

Product information

Rated voltage
3、6、10 kv
Rated insulation level for power-frequency withstand voltage (1min)
42 KV
Rated insulation level for lightning impulse