This type of foam is used for convenient use of many tools in your garage or in a factory maintenance department. As we are TEKNO KESIM, we supply you with special Kaizen foam products together with being a manufacturer company. There are many factors that make us strong to ensure this. First of all, we know the material very well. Secondly, we have worked hundreds of times on projects like this one. we can also model you by doing 3D design. especially focus on making b2b production. we are also ready to meet you. If you are a tool maker or you are producing similar parts for different sectors, do not hesitate to contact us if you need designs like this. This material is known as polyethylene and the price is very economical. If you are trading and marketing the products inside, it is natural to use kaizen foam to personalize your looking and brand, and call us immediately. These materials can be produced in different thicknesses, easy to install, the standard color is gray and whit

Custom packaging
  • kaizen foam
  • foam cutting
  • Foam polyethylene or polyurethane packing inserts