Keiper high performance flat belts CROMA


Keiper CROMA high-performance flat belts are made of fully synthetic polyamide foils, with a one-sided or two-sided adhesion coating of chrome-split leather. Fitted with a polyamide reinforcement. With a one-sided or two-sided coating of chrome-split leather, highly resistant to abrasion and wear. Chrome-split leather is used exclusively as a friction coating on power transmission belts as an alternative to nitrile-butadiene rubber (NBR). CROMA belts with a coating of chrome-split leather are perfect for power transmission applications where the rollers are considerably contaminated by oil and dirt. In view of its slightly porous surface, chrome-split leather is air and humidity permeable and absorbs moisture; thus, it retains friction. However, the coefficient of friction of leather is lower than that for nitrile-butadiene rubber and steadily decreases during operation.

Conveyor belts
  • Keiper High Performance Flat Belt
  • Adhesion Coating Of Chrome-Split Leather
  • Croma Belt

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