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Kelteks Formmat 300/180/300

Complex Fabric


We are proud of the fact that we are one of the few companies that use the needling process, and probably the only one that connects layers with needling, gluing, or stitching advanced technology. Excellent formability, even resin flow, and greater volume are just some of the assets of kelteks FormMat. Kelteks FormMat consists of 2 layers of chopped fibers and 1 layer of the veil which saves you the time of work and preparation.

Fabrics for technical use
  • Multi Layer Needle Glass Fiber Mat
  • Glass Basatl Fiber Needled
  • Needle Bonded Mat For Insulation

Product features

Material Chopped Fibers + Veil
Weight 300g + 180g + 300g

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