Material: Steel. Version: Bright. Note: Particularly compact self-centring keyless locking coupling without axial offset. - for shaft diameters from 8 to 85 mm - for medium torques - suitable for hubs with low wall thickness - no axial offset - self-centring Assembly: Lightly oil keyless locking coupling on the tapered faces and contact points of the shaft and hub. Do not use MoS2 or grease. Insert keyless locking coupling in the hub seat and slide onto shaft. Tighten screws crosswise in several increments to the defined tightening torque. Dismantling: Remove all screws and screw into the extraction threads of the front flange. Tighten screws crosswise in several steps until the keyless locking coupling loosens. Tolerances: Shaft: Recommended tolerance h8. Surface quality Rz ≤ 16 µm. Hub: Recommended tolerance H8. Surface quality Rz ≤ 16 µm.

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