Kfbz And Sv Fiber-glass Prefilters

Filters for laboratories


KFBZh and SV fiberglas disk prefilters on the basis of natural and mineral fibers are used for prefiltration of liquids with high level of particle separation. These are depth filters, which significantly reduce final membrane filter loading. Glassfiber prefilters are installed in a special disk filter holder directly on the membrane filter and are intended for prefiltration of highly polluted solutions.Features and advantages Biologically inert towards fluids to be filtered. Combine high filtration capacity and retention effectiveness. Wide chemical compatibility towards the majority of reagents and solvents as well as concentrated acids. Glassfiber discs are used for preliminary and bioburden reduction filtration of biological fluids, pharmaceuticals, paranterals, blood serum.

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Product features

Maximal pressure drop, Mpa 0,4 at 20°С, 0,1 at 80°С
Maximal operating temperature, °С 80
pH range 3-12
Sterilization by autoclaving 121 ° C, 0.11 MPa, 30 min.

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