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KFM.F Capsules are produced on the basis of fluoroplastic hydrophobic membrane F42 and are used for finish treatment of gaseous media in medicine, microbiological industry, pharmacy, food and other industries, for removal of mechanical impurities and microorganisms with the size above or equal 0.45 μm. Finish filtration of compressed air and gases, CO2. Removal of particles and “mist” in the laboratory air supply. Ventilation of containers (“tank breathing”). Protection of air used in different devices. Polishing and sterilization of nonaqueous media, aggressive liquids compatible with filter’s materials. Do you still have any questions?

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Product features

Membrane material Fluoroplast 42 (hydrophobic)
Draining layer Polypropylene
Capsule body, inner and outer bodies, tip covers, fittings Polypropylene
Maximal operational pressure, Mpa 0,4 (4 bar)
Maximal differential pressure for capsules, Mpa 0,2 (2 bar) at 40°С ; 0,3 (3 bar) at 20°С
Recommended change-out differential pressure, Mpa 0,24 (2,4 bar)
Maximal operational temperature, °C 60°С
Recommended operational temperature 0-40°С
Sterilization by autoclaving 121°С

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