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KFM.FG Capsules on the basis of hydrophilic PVDF membrane are used for preliminary, fine, polishing and sterilizing filtration of liquid media in various industries from mechanical impurities and microorganisms with the size above or equal 0.2, 0.45, 0.65 μm. In medicine and biopharmaceutics Fine and sterilizing filtration of small volumes of parenteral preparations (LVP) with high or low pH. Polishing and sterilization of small volumes of water based, pharmaceutical and biological solutions, containing a large number of colloidal particles. Filtration of buffer media. Filtration of galenic preparations. Filtration of process water (washing machines, filtration at points of consumption, nonpyrogenic water for injection, laboratory water purification, recycling water). In beverage industry Finish filtration in production of small lots of beverages. Ingredients filtration.

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Product features

Membrane material Hydrophilic PVDF
Draining layer Polypropylene
Capsule body, inner and outer bodies, tip covers, fittings Polypropylene
Maximal operational pressure, Mpa 0,4
Maximal differential pressure for capsules, Mpa 0,4 at 20°С; 0,1 at 60°С
Recomended operational temperature, °C 0-40
Maximal operational temperature, °C 60
Effective filter area for filter cartridge 60 mm height (single layer/double layer), m2 0,2-single layer, 0,175-double layer
Recommended change-out differential pressure, MPA (bar) 0,24 (2,4)
Number of sterilization cycles (autoclaving) at P=0,1 MPa и t=121 ±1°C for 30 min 10

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