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The basis of the KFVS capsule is a highdensity pleated filter medium made of microfine glass fibers. The improved mechanical strength of the capsule filter material is achieved by the presence of special protective layers, which eliminates the problem of "secondary pollution" and dusting of superfine fibers. The filter material with high capacity, adsorption capacity, thermochemical stability provides effective filtration of solutions in a wide pH range, especially hardtofilter solutions with residual opalescence, serums, proteins from plasma, viscous biological fluids, oils. KFV.S capsule high efficiency (practically at the level of the membranebased capsule) in combination with the increased dirt holding capacity typical of depth capsule provides costeffective highquality filtration in deep clarification processes and reducing microbiological load.

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Product features

Filter material Micro-fiberglass
Draining layer Polypropylene
Body, end parts, adapter Polypropylene
O-rings Silicon (Viton, EPDM and others on request)
Maximal differential pressure, Mpa 0,4 at 20°C, 0,2 at 60°C
Maximal reverse differential pressure, Mpa 0,2 at 20°C
Direct and reverse flow wash out Hot water (up to 95°C) and chemical agents
Autoclaving 121°С, 0,12 MPa, 30 min, 10 cycles
Steam sterilization* up to 132°С, 30 min., 25 cycles

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