Composition: Hand stacked crate of Kiln Dried Ash Logs. Ideal for: Open fires, multi-fuel fires and log burners. Characteristics: Being single species and all of a similar size these traditional logs have a more consistent and predictable burn time and heat output than most locally sourced air dried mixed species logs. How to use: These kiln dried logs generate more heat than traditional air dried logs so you can use more sparingly for the same amount of heat output. Two or three logs at a time will suffice for most sizes of stove. Light with our Wood Wool Lighters and traditional kindling. Parameters Composition: Clean kiln dried Ash Compression: N/A Calorific value: 4.2 kWh/kg Ash content: <4% Moisture content: <18% Product Standard: From FSC Certified woodland Dimensions and Packaging Log: Approx. 25cm long and generally 10cm to 15cm across Log Weight: Between 1kg and 3kg Crate Weight: Approx.

  • Kiln Dried Ash
  • Kiln Dried Birch
  • Kiln Dried Ash Nets
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