Klüber safety lubricating grease



General: The safety grease “Microlube GL 261” is a lubricant for high loads at low and high temperatures. Application: Lubricating grease for roller and plain bearings, sprockets, gear racks, small gears, adjustment gears, hoists and winches, roller guides, cams and cam plates. Sealing and lubricating grease for oil and grease-resistant rubber seals such as radial packing rings, O-rings, cylinder and piston seals in pneumatics, rotary shaft lip seals (shaft seals), plastics, slide rails, sunroofs and seat rails. Anticorrosive grease for bare metal parts, locks, fastening systems, ship fittings, antennas, battery poles and to counter saltwater corrosion. Advantages: The combination of ingredients in MICROLUBE increase the metallic surface contact area by micro-slide friction. This wear-free smoothing (friction-point tempering) counteracts corrosion and fitting rust.

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