KneaderReactor Technology


The LIST KneaderReactor Technology fills the gab and successfully combines the benefits of conventional process equipment, e.g.… Extruder Thin-Film Reactor Continuous Stirred-Tank Reactor (CSTR) Rotary Disc Reactor …with many other process characteristics which are unique for LIST. It provides an exceptional toolbox for developing new innovative and economical products and processes helping our customers to stay up to date with process technology. Your benefits Effective self-cleaning to minimize dead zones, product accumulation and product degradation Excellent kneading and mixing for better homogenization Effective heat transfer High surface renewal efficiency Large free vapour volume Precise and uniform temperature control due to large heat transfer areas Continuous or batch processing Process intensification Processing of sticky and highly viscous products Residence time is independent from agitator speed Wide and flexible range of average residence times Wide turndown...

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