Knight Optical has successfully launched a range of Stock Optical Domes for use in Pyronometers. Pyranometer/pyrgeometer are used for measuring solar irradiance. Typical applications being to understand where insulation needs to be within a building, climate studies and solar monitoring systems. A dome is essentially a window that has two parallel curves faces. Domes are used to shield the thermopile/ sensor used for making the measurements within a Pyranometer. Our domes are polished to high standards having good form error and high clarity with excellent transmission in the UV, NIR and FarIR spectrums allowing for accurate measurement. Capabilities: Domes are readily mountable, optically clear and manufactured to a high standard. Available from 5mm to 200mm in diameter and 0.25 to 10mm in thickness offering high transmission and extreme toughness for harsh environments. For more information read PDF

Heat detectors
  • Pyranometer and pyrgeometer
  • solar monitoring systems
  • Optical Domes for harsh environments

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