Knight Optical’s range of Custom Laser Mirrors

The laser mirrors, Excimer, Argon-ion, Diode & broadband laser mirrors


Knight Optical supply custom laser mirrors for use at specific laser lines from the UV (200 to 400nm) to the IR (1to 40µm) wavebands. The laser mirrors can be custom made to include the following range: 1 YAG laser mirrors (High power grade) 2 Excimer laser mirrors (High power grade) 3 Argon-ion laser mirrors (High power grade) 4 Diode & broadband (Ti:Sapphire) These mirrors are made from vacuum depositing thin films of material that have differing refractive indices & thickness onto suitable substrates. Typical custom laser mirror substrates are calcium fluoride, germanium, sapphire, fused silica and Zinc Selenide which produce a high efficiency reflecting surface at the laser wavelength. Read PDF for more information.

Optical measuring equipment
  • YAG laser mirrors
  • Excimer laser mirrors
  • Argon-ion laser mirrors

Product features

Thickness: 2mm to 10mm+
Parallelism: Parallelism:
Surface form: < 0.1 fringes
Surface quality: < 10:5 Peak reflectivity: > 99.8%
Material options: Fused silica, BK7 or equivalent
Coating options: Argon-Ion, Eximer, Nd:YAG, Diode Laser

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