Application: Knuckle Joint Cold Forging Press is suitable for processing forgings needed in hand tools, autos, motorcycles, bicycles, trains, ships, machine tools, textile machines, woodwork machines, conveying equipment, mining machinery, hardware parts, etc. It's an indispensablemachinery equipment for modernized forging plants, because it can produce precision forgings that can meet customer's quality and delivery requirements. The machine is a sharp production tool for forging plants. 1. The joining of can with the shaft utilizes conic ring to facilitate adjustment of can angle. Scales are engraved on the surface of can, which can be used to adjust the angle as desired. 2. The joining of ejector lateral shaft with the rocker utilizes conic ring, where the fastening force of conic-ring bolt is used as safety device, such as when there is overload, the sliding off of conic ring is used to protect the ejector mechanism. There are pointers and scale markings on the rocker and ejector

Product features

Capacity Tons 400
Stroke of ram mm 180
Adjustment of ram mm 15
Number of stroke Spm 40
Work number of stroke Spm 12
Shut height mm 480
Rated tonnage point mm 8
(L-R & F-B) Ram dimension mm 400*500
(L-R & F-B) Table dimension mm 580*700
(L-R & F-B) Side window mm 420*410
Main motor Kwxp 3.7kw*4p 30kw*6p
Ram of adjustment motor Kwxp 2.2kw*6p
Motor of lubrication Kwxp 0.75kw*4p
Ejector in the ram Tons-mm 6Ton-30mm
Ejector in the table Tons-mm 30Ton-80mm
Oil hydraulic press of cluth Oil type cooler of cluth
Oil type cooler of cluth Kwxp 3.2kw
Working number-distance Number-mm 1
Air pressure kg/cm 2 5
Press weight kg 35,000
(L*W*H*) Press dimension mm 2450*1960*4290

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