100% Pure krill oil plankton from the clearest and coldest waters of Antarctica: Stops inflammation and free radicals, essential for health and vitality. Omega-3 fatty acid antioxidant without heavy metals and other strains. Supports/Is good for Increased blood lipid counts Diabetes Inflammation Hay fever/allergies PMS Concentration problems Heart circulatory disorders Rheumatism Macula degeneration Dementia/Alzheimer's Depression ADHS system Area of use Vascular protection, heart circulation system, fat metabolism, musculoskeletal system, allergies, inflammations. Recommended dose 2 capsules every day with water. Krill oil in liquid capsules is dissolved in the stomach and absorbed directly, quickly and completely. Krill oil contains the strong and natural radical-catcher astaxanthin. So it remains stable and fresh and does not become rancid.

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