Kubota diesel engine with 28 kW driving power Control station with easy to survey control panel Multifunctional joystick Hydraulic anchor bore unit swivels in three positions Remote control Drill rod magazine with 32 drill rods for 48 m bores Stabiliser blade, rubberised steel track undercarriage

Product features

L x W x H [mm] 3.965 x 1.200 x 1.530
Weight incl. rod box [kg] 2.140
Rod magazine contents [m] 48
Inclination angle 15°
Thrust and pullback force [kN] 43
Max. torque [Nm] 1.300
Max. spindle speed [rpm] 230
Pilot bore Ø [mm] 80
Drill rods Twin Drive Ø [mm] 48/38
Effective rod length [mm] 1.500
Upsizing Ø* [mm] ≤ 250
Outer pipe Ø* [mm] ≤ 160
Bore length* [m] ≤ 100
Min. bore radius [m] 25
Max. driving speedt [km/h] 2 stages Friesh water tank [l]
Friesh water tank [l] Super-silenced [dB(A)]
Super-silenced [dB(A)] 82,5
Max. engine output [kW] 28
HP Bentonite pump [l/min] test

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