Kushi smart designer LED table lamp with apple visuals The Kushi designer LED table lamp is captivating thanks to its successful and rather smart realisation of a playful design idea. The light, available in two different sizes, resembles an apple. This execution is successful thanks to the lampshade, which makes up the main part and resembles the outer shell of an apple. In addition, there is also a little copper bar, which masterfully portrays the stalk. The glass is very beautifully clouded by an opal surface, which gives rise to a very pleasant, glare-free distribution of light in the space. The light acts as a smart complement to many areas of the house. It skilfully attracts interested glances, without distracting through any bright colours or ornate patterns. The extremely energy-efficient LED light bulbs are included and even with a high usage consume very little power. The design was released on behalf of the company Kundalini, by designers Alberto Saggia and Valerio...

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Energy efficiency class A+

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