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Bluetooth certification is BQB certification, in short, if your product has a Bluetooth function and the appearance of the product to indicate the Bluetooth logo, must be called by a BQB certification. All Bluetooth SIG member companies can use the Bluetooth logo and logo after completing the certification. The Bluetooth logo and logo are only available for products that pass the Bluetooth qualification process. What information is required to apply for Bluetooth BQB certification? 1. Bluetooth certification application form 2.ICS / PIXIT (used to confirm the scope of the test) 3. Authorization letter / NDA (confidentiality agreement) _EPL will be used when. 4. DoC / SDoC (vendor statement) _listing will provide documents required to sign 5. Technical documents: User Manual Schematics Block Diagram PCB Layout BOM Product Spec. Antenna Spec. Brief Product Description Leadtime: Test cycle 2 weeks, report review plus 1 week


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CE mark stands for the product applicable to European Standards or Differences. It can be Self-declaration by manufacturer according to European Standard. Today, it is the mandatory mark for entering the European Market. Directives Directives are the legal requirements for certain categories of products, including the basic healthy and safety requirement. Before posting the CE mark, all the directives should be met. The manufacturer could choose the evaluation method by self. At present, the EU has issued more than 20 CE directives. Products should post the CE mark and provide the relative technical document before going into its market. Harmonized Standards The easiest way to meet the directives is by European Harmonized Standards. If a particular product complies with the Harmonized Standards, it means that it also complies with the relative directives. CE-LVD 2014/30/EU CE-EMC 2014/35/EU CE-RED 2014/53/EU RoHS 2011/65/EU (EU) 2015/863 REACH Regulation (EC) No.


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According to the Code of Federal Regulations issued by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the FCC manages the Equipment Authorization of all electronic products. There are two certification methods according to product types, Devices with the radio transmission function must be certified according to the FCC Certification program and obtain an FCC ID. Devices without the wireless function must be certified according to SDoC. Basic information The authentication type: Mandatory product certification The license issuing agency: TCB (Telecommunication Certification Body) recognized by FCC Testing institutions: FCC Accredited LABS do the testing The test on the basis of :FCC 47 CFR Part 15, refer to ANSI test standards Validity of certificate:It is always valid when the product design and applicable standards remain unchanged Certification marks FCC ID number needs to be marked on the product. The composition of FCC ID number


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Canada's Ministry of Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED, also known as IC) has formulated relevant laws and technical requirements for wireless communication products, and the Canadian Certification and Engineering Agency has unified the conformity certification for products. Only products with conformity certification and listed publicity can be sold in the Canadian market. IC testing requirements are basically the same as FCC testing, and products applying for both certifications at the same time can save costs and shorten the certification cycle. Certification marks IC ID should be marked on the product as follows Unique product number Company ID IC: XXXXXX-YYYYYYYYYYY IC ID: Company ID(up to 6 digits)+ Unique Product Number (up to 8 digits). IC ID Application Instructions: 1. Address information of Canadian representative must be provided. 2. The label shall contain the following information (manufacturer name or trademark, model name,IC ID number).

LCS Compliance Testing Laboratory was established in 2004 in Shenzhen, China. Today, it has become a leading independent institution specializing in testing and certification. Its founders have engineering backgrounds and have built up a comprehensive range of labs including Safety Lab, EMC Lab, RF Lab, SAR & HAC Lab, Reliability Lab, Chemistry Lab, BQTF, Battery Lab, Toy Lab, and Food and Food Grade Material Lab. This ensures LCS covers almost all fields such as reliability and safety testing, EMC testing, chemical hazardous substance testing, material analysis, food contact material testing, Bluetooth testing and certification, wireless RF testing and certification, and battery safety testing. LCS has received numerous authoritative qualifications both domestically and internationally, including ISO17025, CPSC, CBTL, CMA, and TUV, among others. The laboratory has also signed cooperation agreements with FCC/TCB, ETL, CEC, UL, IC, E-mark, SAA Approval, Phoenix Test Lab, CETCOM, and many others. This enables LCS to offer efficient and professional services for product testing and certification. LCS has won the trust and respect of clients through its professional service over the past decade. The company's goal is to become the most popular testing and certification platform in the future, maintaining its pioneering spirit and keeping pace with the times.

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LCS Lab has become a Business Classified Member of UKVIA

LCS Lab has become a Business Classified Member of UKVIA

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The UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) is the #1 trade association for the vaping sector supporting, developing and promoting the £1bn vaping industry, the UK’s largest growing consumer goods sector. Our vision is a world where the evidence-based, life-changing public health benefits of vaping products are fully understood so that their positive impact can be maximised. LCS is a third-party testing and certification service agency headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, with more than 500 employees. It has established seven comprehensive laboratories in the Pearl River Delta, providing one-stop product testing, certification, and technical services for more than 20,000 customers for both the Chinese domestic market and internationally.


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