LAGBOI consits of pre-assembled modules (frame and crossbars) and can be assembled to a solid, clearly ordered, space-saving and very useful storage and dispensing rack. The system is only suitable for manual unwinding. LAGBOI 2200 M includes rollers and can be used mobile.

Shelving, storage
  • rack
  • shelf
  • cable drum shelf

Product features

storage rack HxWxD approx. 2200x1940x1430 mm
loading capacity max. 2200 kg
colour RAL 7005, mouse grey
weight approx. 230 kg
equipping option I 8 x Ø300 mm drums
equipping option II 6x Ø600 mm drums
equipping option III 4 x Ø900 mm drums
plus drum axles due to equip opt. drum axle Ø34x840 mm

Additional product literature

PDF documents

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