This is the lambskin MATTRESS TOPPER par excellence! A more technical skin that is cut shorter so that it offers optimal support and excellent distribution of the pressure points of the body. It also has excellent insulating and body temperature regulating characteristics: it keeps you warm in winter and in summer it absorbs perspiration. Gone is the damp sensation in the bed. Wool can absorb about 30% of its own weight in water without leaving a damp sensation. It then slowly evacuates this humidity. This natural regulation prevents the thermal shock or the sudden chill caused by perspiration cooling down on the skin. Each piece is unique. The shape, thickness and colour can vary slightly. Unlike other skins, the colour of these skins is more uniform: - Off-white/white for skins tanned using the TARA procedure - Off-white/golden for skins tanned using the REGULAN procedure IDEAL for use on beds, car seats, your baby s pushchair and as a support in a recliner, on the office...

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