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double heating system with pre-heating that concurs to fuse with very low temperature respect to the standard temperature pressure system with “OUT” function for very delicate woven inside and outside belts cleaning devices carbon/graphite lower belt separation blade automatic turn ON and turn OFF by digital timer COUPLING, LAMINATION, TRANSFER, APPLICATIONS - COMPLETE LAMINATION LINE THAT CONCURS THE COUPLING OF 2 OR MORE LAYERS OF WOVEN WITH INTERLININGS, WEB GLUE OR FILM GLUE DIAGNOSTIC ON THE CONTROL PANEL introducion of the several rolls of wovens, interlinings, web glue or film glue by engine rolls perfect syncrony between fusing machine winding module and rewinding unit by inverter automatic cut machine availabilty for worked parts winding unit with vertical and horizontal control for a perfect alignment of the woven rolls during the winding fusing machine connected to the winding and rewinding module by inverter exit zone with rewinding unit equipped