LAVIREN Pharma Anti-Hair Loss Serum LAVIREN Pharma Anti-Hair Loss Serum detects the damaged areas of the hair and helps repairing them. It nourishes the hair from the root to the tip thanks to the special formulation within the content thereof concentrating on the most damaged hair surfaces. In this way, it provides a thicker and abundant appearance to the hair after the first use. The herbal extract contents within the product also help in preventing hair loss by nourishing the hair roots. Method of Application The product is applied to wet hair after washing the hair. Serum is applied firstly in the regions where there is intensive loss and then to hair and scalp by massaging by circular motions for about one minute and subsequently the hair is not rinsed. The hair is dried. Hair is styled with a brush according to the required volume after drying. 10 bulbs are for 20 days of usage. (1 ampoule serum in 2 days)

Hair treatment
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