GROUND & GRASS PROTECTION GEONETS Plastic geonet for gardening purposes helps in keeping your lawn tidy, protects it from wearing and trampling. The geonet represents a rough polypropylene mesh with middle-sized holes. It is used to reinforce grassed areas, protect lawns from pesky moles, construct confortable eco parking. PROTECT Company manufactures plastic grass geonet. We offer you to buy from the manufacturer inexpensive grass protection geonets of the following types: • types “G-9” and “G-8”– for lawn beautification, building a green parking lot, anti-mole defense; • type “G-32” – for reinforcement of existing grass cover, protection against trampling; • type “Lawn mat” – for the protection against trampling, temporary garden pathways, eco-parking. PLASTIC GRASS GEONET Polypropylene used for the production of grass geonet is a lightweight eco-friendly material. It allows single-handed installation, mostly due to the compact format of a mesh roll.

  • reinforcement net

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