L-Arginine forte 100 Capsules

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L-Arginine is an amino acid with many functions for the whole body. L-Arginine acts as a natural protection for heart and circulation and the immune system. L-Arginine – a vital protein building block Cardiovascular diseases remain the number one cause of death. It is all the more important to pay attention to the health of one’s blood vessels. Whether hypertension, diabetes mellitus or circulatory disorders – no other nutrient currently stands up to medical focus of vascular research like arginine does. Arginine is also needed during pregnancy, at advanced age, stress or in a vegetarian diet. In addition to the physical, the mental fitness and efficiency is also sharpened. At a dosage of 3–5g daily, men discover an increased potency and erectile ability. Overall, L-arginine relaxes the blood vessels and provides more energy, for improved regenerability, more muscle, and less fat. Recommended dosage: 2 × 2 capsules every day with water.

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