Our ADHESIVE CLOSURE BAGS are food safe, universally useable as well as recyclable. The PE-symbol is located on the bag. LDPE-bags without air hole and PP-bags with air hole. We remind you that we can deliver this article in food-safe charges. We only ask that you inform us in your order / inquiry that you need food-safe goods. Unfortunately we cannot offer you a declaration of conformity afterward. An ADHESIVE CLOSURE BAG can be repeatedly used without any detriment to the adhesive quality of the closure. The closure is not affected using glue that could come in contact with the contents of the bag, but instead the mechanical adhesive property of smooth surfaces. The PE-symbol will be directly printed on the foil of the ADHESIVE CLOSURE BAGS. Depending on your needs, we can supply both LDPE-bags without air holes or PP-bags with air holes. Your articles are safe from dust contamination inside the transparent bag and can still be evaluated.

Plastic packaging
  • LDPE-Adhesive Closure Bags With Slanted Flap Without Air Hole 50 – 70 µm

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