PRESSLOCK BAGS are especially well-suited for packing smaller parts such as dowels, rubber-bands or screws. For a better overview your can have the bag printed on three stripes that are provided for that purpose, and of course we can print them to your specifications. Tradesmen like these bags as do model makers and coin collectors. PRESSLOCK BAGS also prove particularly useful in shipping. Commissioners can increase or decrease the content of the bag at any time without needing to replace the packaging. The PE symbol is clearly legible on the rim of the bag. Here the round or Euro-hole was also punched out if you need bags that you can hang in a row on a shelf. The end-consumer can remove the goods and then use the bag for another purpose since the press lock continues to function. This makes PRESSLOCK BAGS superior to conventional heat-sealed or punched bags since these have to be torn open and are then just thrown away.

Plastic packaging
  • LDPE-Grip Seal Bags With Write On Panel 50 µm

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