TUBULAR FILM is perfectly suitable for use as a flexible packaging material. They can be torn off the roll and then sealed with a film sealing device so that one piece of TUBULAR FILM is easily converted into a PE-bag. Since TUBULAR FILM is not pre-perforated, packaging can be manufactured in any desired length. TUBULAR FILM is suitable primarily for packaging very long objects such as pipes. When heat-sealing a packaging unit this creates a hermetically sealed interior so that one does not fear moisture from getting into our out of the plastic. The packaging is simply torn open. Since the length can be fit to the product being packaged, this sort of TUBULAR FILM impresses with its especially efficient application. This can be seen both in environmentally sound us as well as the options for save money because efficient proportioning means that fewer rolls are needed.

Plastic packaging
  • LDPE-Tubular Film 50 µm

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