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LE Series | Load Measuring Pins

Load Measuring Pins


MAGTROL offers a wide range of Load-Force-Weight Transducers with optional integrated electronics or Load Monitoring Units (LMU) with B.I.T.E. functions creating an ideal measurement system which continuously checks for overloads and short circuits. Idealy for use on Safety Applications according to ECE-R10, ISO 13849-1 : CAT4 & PLe and IEC 62061 : SIL3 (LE 6XX SERIES); ISO 13849-1 : CAT2 & PLd and IEC 62061 : SIL2 (LE 4XX SERIES) Magtrol Load Measuring Pins are used to measure load and force, and provide overload protection. The pins are mounted into machines in place of normal shafts and fitted with strain gauges, allowing them to produce a signal proportional to the measured load. Manufactured in Switzerland, Magtrol’s LE Series Load Measuring Pins are rugged with high resistance stainless steel and tight construction. Available in several standard ranges from 2.5 kN to 1 250 kN. .... more information

  • Load measuring pins
  • load sensors
  • strain gauges

Product features

Available in several standard ranges 2.5kN to 1250kN (0.28tf to 140.5tf)
Electronics for transmission over great distances 2 wires (LE2XX) 4-20mA; 3 wires (LE4XX) 4-20mA; 6 wires (LE6XX) available with dual channels 4-20m

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