LED Area Lights LG-V02-BLACK series

LED Area Lights for Machine Vision Applications


The BLACK variant of the LUMIMAX® Area Lights have a light area, which is diffuse black when the light is switched off and therefore it can be used as a low-reflection background. The special coating of the diffusor absorbs a large part of the incident light. Hotspots, e. g. from single LEDs of a ring light (reflected light), are not visible in the camera image. If the lights are switched on, they offer the usual homogeneous, diffuse, but still very bright lighting. Therefore, these lights are ideally suited for complex Machine Vision applications that require a combination of reflected light and backlight within a single checking station.

Lighting, street, industrial and commercial
  • led area light
  • led area light for machine vision
  • backlight

Product features

Illumination colour White, Red, Infrared, Blue, Green
Operation mode Continuous/ switching or Flash
Protection class IP64

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New LUMIMAX® BLACK variants of the LG-V02 series

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